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Facts About Why Do Cats Hate Water So Much

As you have seen, cats are very much afraid of water, sometimes you have thought Why Do Cats Hate Water


Why Do Cats Hate Water
Why Do Cats Hate Water


Why Do Cats Hate Water ?


You know what cats don’t like? Why Do Cats Hate Water . seemingly… but why though, and is this true of all cats….stay tuned, as we have answers!

Hello and welcome back to Life’ s Biggest Questions! I just want to tell you guys that, for a limited time only over the holiday period  we have Back to cats. I am sure if you have been around a cat, or been around the internet, you’ll know that most cats don’t play well with water. Cats like drinking running water, but why don’t they like being submerged…


Why Do Cats Hate Water
Why Do Cats Hate Water

Dogs seem to love going for a swim, so Why Do Cats Hate Water?


Well…dogs and cats have different fur. While cat hair gets wet when it rains and the cat is outside, it behaves very differently when it is totally submerged.

When cats get totally wet, like fall in the bath wet, their fur clogs up and weighs them down and they don’t like the way that feels, it doesn’t feel natural to them. Unlike dogs, they can’t shake the water out easily.

While it is true that cats like being clean; they spend hours licking themselves to maintain their fur. Unlike us, they don’t use water to clean; their rough tongues, paws and saliva are all they need to keep themselves sanitary and tidy


Why Do Cats Hate Water
Why Do Cats Hate Water



It is likely that cats view water as the opposite of clean, too.

As we know, animals like dogs and cats have a more refined sense of smell like we humans.

The water that comes from our taps and into our baths is filled with chemicals that are safe to drink and reasonably odourless to us, but not to cats.

They do not want that whiff all over their preened coats. do cats like to drink water ?

No sire.

Cats are curious creatures, and they may like to stick a paw in some water, before deciding

they would rather keep their distance.

Or they may play with a stream of running water as they’re captivated by its movement,

but generally speaking they will not be willing to submerge themselves.

It is actually a bit of a myth to say that all cats hate water, because that is not the case. Sure your house cat may not be down with the bath, but that is because the bathtub is a bit of an unnatural, daunting situation to be faced with. Also house cats are generally living in room temperature conditions. Big cats on the wild, like Jaguars, Lions and Tigers tend to live in warmer climates and willingly go into water to cool off.

Of course, in a lot of places, watering holes mean food, and big cats will happily swim to get themselves a tasty morsel. But these cats are unlike domestic, living in different climates, environment and without the need to swim.

While to most domestic cats, large bodies of water are daunting, some cats actually don’t mind being bathed.

It depends on their personas and their trust in their owner.

If a cat is covered in a thick substance, like mud or oil, it is easier to try and wash them than wait for them to clean themselves…although most cats may not be down for this level of nurture, as we know, they’re independent.

So…that is a little summary as to why some cats hate water.


Do you have any further insight into why cats dislike water?

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