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How To Pick The Best Welsh Corgi Puppies From A Litter

The welsh Corgi Puppies is an agile, sturdy, extraordinarily unswerving and obedient, small herding canine. A famous breed amongst canine display owners and great known for its trainability, it makes for an outstanding puppy for youngsters. It lives healthily from its domestic dog years to its mid-young adults. There are …

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The American Bully Standard Living Life

the American Bully standard general impression the American Bully should give the impression of great strength for its size compact to medium large size dog with the muscular body and blocky head powerful in its movement and should display effortless movement at the same time keenly alive and alert to …

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Facts About American bulldog and living Experience

American Bulldog I’m a small boutique breeder here in northern California and I’ve been breeding these beautiful creatures for 21 years. I bought my very first Bulldog in 1996. Just by happenchance, I was looking for what I thought to be an English Bulldog and I showed up to somebody’s …

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